Writing Practice

Hiragana and katakana (ひらがな and カタカナ)

  1. hiragana chart
  2. hiragana_writing_practice_sheets
  3. katakana chart
  4. katakana writing practice sheets
  5. blank writing practice sheet
  • Follow the first four steps. Start with file 2 (hiragana writing practice sheets).

1)   Write each letter, paying attention to the stroke orders and directions.
2)  Read aloud each sound loudly with the video as you write it.
3)  Fill out all the boxes on all of the pages. Repeat 1)-2) every day until you can read all of them and say the sounds by memory. Even if you have only 5 minutes some days, do it every day. Do not skip a day.
4)  When you can read aloud all the hiragana characters, Repeat 1)-3) with katakana with file 4.

5)  Completely memorize all the hiragana and katakana in 2-3 weeks. (After seeing hundreds of students there’s a very high chance that 1 year later you’ll still be working on them and have not learned anything much if you’re still working on hiragana and katakana after a month. It can be a lot of waste of time and money. However, those who learned them by heart in 2-3 weeks became very fluent and conversational in a year. And, in 2 years they did not have to use English during the lessons.)


  1. Copy all the example sentences and vocabulary words in chapter 1 of Japanese For Dogs 1 as you read each one out LOUDLY. Repeat five times and memorize.
  2. Flip the hiragana letters to katakana and katakana letters to hiragana, and do step 1.

Learning kanji

The best book I recommend is Remembering the Kanji by Heisig.