Guided group travel in October 2023!

We’ll travel for 14 days. The destinations are:

1)  Tokyo

2)  Kyoto

3)  Nara

4) Osaka

5) Hiroshima – Miyajima

The eligibility for the trip:

1.  18 years old or older

2.  Take at least 8 Japanese lessons with me before the trip (this is a continuing education for the language as well as leisure).

I’m taking up to 15 people.  First come first serve base.  Non-refundable $800 fee secures your spot.  The destinations can be changed as I have more people.  So, if you definitely want to go somewhere or do something specific, let’s talk!

The price for this trip will probably be about $6000 per person for 14 days, including the $1600 non-refundable booking fee, the airfare and transportation in Japan.  I can get a group discount on the airfare.  The costs for meals in Japan are not much different than in the States, maybe a little lower in price but higher in quality!🙂

I decided to create an opportunity for my students to travel to Japan to improve their skills as well as to totally immerse themselves in the culture to enjoy.  Just going there for sightseeing is one thing.  But, it’s a whole another thing to actually meet the people and have conversations and create friendship.  That’s what I’m excited about this trip.   These trips are very personal and they are intended to give the students more motivations and clear goals to improve their language skills.  During the trips we meet for a 2 hour long class every other day to share the experience and learn “What do I say/do in situations like …?”

As long as I have at least 6 people with similar interests we can go at any time of the year although the costs may differ according to the destinations and/or activities, like a hot spring tour or a ski tour.  So, if you want to join us for the next trip or if you have friends who want to go with you, send me an email.  We can arrange a fun trip together!

This trip is for people who

1) have always wanted to go to Japan

2) want to learn the language before going there

3) but would like to commit to studying the language only for a few months (of course for those who would like to study for a long term, too)

4) want to see some non-touristy places as well as some major touristy spots.